Grading System

The following is the distribution of values given as they correspond to the letter grades:

A         4.0 grade points                                  I           Incomplete

A-        3.7 grade points                                  NC      No credit hours granted

B+       3.3 grade points                                  P          Passing (not in GPA total)

B         3.0 grade points                                  V         Audit – No credit granted

B-        2.7 grade points                                  WF      Withdrawal Failing

C+       2.3 grade points                                  WP      Withdrawal Passing

C         2.0 grade points                                  X         Course dropped without penalty

C-        1.7 grade points                                  XF       Course dropped without penalty

D         1.0 grade point

F          0.0 grade point


Grading Scale                                                   Quality Points

A 94-100                                                         A+                   12Pts

B 86-93                                                           A                     11Pts

C 78-85                                                           A-                    10Pts

D 70-77                                                           B+                   9Pts

F 69 and less                                                   B                     8Pts

                                                                        B-                    7Pts

                                                                        C+                   6Pts

                                                                        C                     5Pts

                                                                        C-                    4Pts

                                                                        D+                   3Pts

                                                                        D                     2Pts

                                                                        D-                    1Pts

                                                                        F                      0Pts    


After receipt of a grade, a student has two weeks (14 days) to petition to change any grade status to a higher grade or an “Incomplete” to a letter grade via the resubmission of required course work.  If a student fails to resubmit the required course work during the two week grace period, the final grade given shall stand.  Any changes after that period will be determined by the Academic Dean and accompanied with the respective fee.