Certificate In Religious Education

This one-year Religious Education Certificate is designed specifically for people who want more training in the teaching without seeking a degree. The One-Year Religious Education Certificate is an excellent choice for Sunday School teachers who want to have more of a knowledge base, lay leaders in local churches, and church members who are considering teaching Sunday School or Bible Study and want to enhance their understanding of God’s Word. The Certificate Program requires 30 credit hours.

Course IDCourse NameCourse Credits
Course IDCourse NameCourse Credits
HIS 101Church History3
PSY 102Search for Significance 3
ENG 105English Grammar Composition3
BIR 106Life of Christ3
BIB 107Old Testament Survey3
BIB 108New Testament Survey3
CED 310History of Christian Education3
CED 400Teaching Methods3
CED 403Curriculum Development 3
ADM 405Ministry Assessment3