Bachelor of Religious Education

The Bachelor Degree in Religious Education is a post secondary degree designed to equip students for effective ministry as a minister or director of Religious education, youth leader, missionary, teacher or administrator in a church related school. This degree seeks to guide students to understand and interpret the Christian faith in the light of its biblical, theological, and historical dimensions and to utilize insight gained from these disciplines for the effective practice of ministry in the church, community and world. This program requires 120 credit hours.

Course IDCourse NameCourse Credits
Course IDCourse NameCourse Credits
HIS 101Church History 3
PSY 102Search for Significance3
SOC 103Basic Sociology3
THE 104Christian Character3
ENG 105English Grammar Composition3
BIR 106Life of Christ3
BIB 107Old Testament Survey3
BIB 108New Testament Survey3
THE 109Witnessing In Our Age3
THE 110Personal Soul Winning3
SPC 201Speech/Public Speaking3
SOC 202Christian Marriage and the Family 3
HIS 207Church Music in Worship and Contemporary Culture 3
BIB 210Prophets 3
BIB 212General Epistles3
BIB 215New Testament Project: Ministry Development6
THE 220Christian Ethics3
THE 222Theology of Praise and Worship3
THE 230Effective Preaching Methods3
CED 300Preschool/Childhood Christian Education3
CED 301Adolescent Christian Education3
CED 302Adult Christian Education3
PSY 301Psychology and Counseling3
THE 301Hermeneutics3
BIB 305Pentateuch3
BIB 307Covenants3
CED 310History of Christian Education3
ADM 312Managing Church Resources3
THE 312Theology of Christian Education3
ADM 400Effective Leadership in Christian Education 3
CED 400Teaching Methods3
CED 403Curriculum Development 3
ADM 405Ministry Assessment3
CED 405Contemporary Issues in Christina Education 3
THE 405Basic Apologetics3
CED 412Christian Education and Church Growth3
CED 415Leviticus3
LAG 415Basic Greek3
CED 420Evangelism, Discipleship and Mentoring3