Bachelor in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies equips students to understand and impact their world for the cause of Christ. This degree provided a thorough understanding of the Word of God. Dynamic courses include Old and New Testament surveys, Interpretation of Scripture, and Jesus and Christianity Through the Ages (Church History). This program requires 120 credit hours.

Course IDCourse NameCourse Credits
Course IDCourse NameCourse Credits
HCH 101Church History 3
PSY 102Search for Significance3
PTH 104Church Government3
ENG 105English Grammar and Composition 3
BIB 107Old Testament Survey3
BIB 108New Testament Survey3
NTS 110Gospels: Life of Christ3
PTH 111Principles of Bible Study 3
THE 161Christian Foundations3
THE 162Theology of Worship3
NTS 202Acts: Mandate for Missions3
SYS 210Bible Doctrines3
NTS 211Romans: The Overcoming Life3
NTS 212First and Second Corinthians3
OTS 220Historical Books 3
OTS 221Joshua3
OTS 222Nehemiah3
SYS 222Christology3
THE 241Authority of the Believer 3
THE 250Faith Principles in Action 3
THE 300Comparative Religions3
THE 301Hermeneutics3
PTH 301Leadership Principles3
PTH 302Principles of Administration and Organization3
THE 303The Tabernacle of David3
PTH 306Christian Ethics 3
LAG 315Basic Hebrew3
SYS 321Pneumatology 3
NTS 330General Epistles3
OTS 330Poetic Books 3
THE 400Identifying Your Spiritual Gift3
THE 401Bible Communications I3
THE 402Bible Communications II 3
THE 405Basic Apologetics3
NTS 406John’s Epistle3
NTS 407Revelation3
THE 408Stewardship in the Local Church3
OTS 410Major Prophets3
LAG 415Basic Greek3
OTS 420Minor Prophets3