Associate in Theology

This two-year Associate Degree of Theology will ground students in foundational theological disciplines from a course of study that includes biblical studies, church history and theology. This course of study requires 60 credit hours that can be transferred to a Bachelor of Theology degree.

Course IDCourse NameCourse Credits
Course IDCourse NameCourse Credits
HIS 101Church History3
PSY 102Search for Significance3
SOC 103Basic Sociology3
THE 104Christian Character3
ENG 105English Grammar and Composition 3
BIR 106Life of Christ3
BIB 107Old Testament Survey3
BIB 108New Testament Survey3
THE 109Witnessing In Our Age3
THE 110Personal Soul Winning3
SPC 201Speech/Public Speaking3
SOC 202Christian Marriage and the Family3
HIS 207Church Music in Worship/Contemporary Culture3
BIB 210Prophets 3
BIB 212General Epistles 3
BIB 215New Testament Project: Ministry Development3
THE 220Christian Ethics3
THE 222Theology of Praise and Worship3
THE 300Pentateuch3