Admission Requirements

Welcome to Mount Olivet Certified Academic Institution & Mount Olivet Theological Seminary.  Our Admissions department is committed to helping you throughout the entire process, guiding you through each step and answering any questions you may have along the way.

 To be considered for admission, all students are required to submit the following to MOCAI & MOTS:

 1.      Application for Admission, completed in it’s entirely.

2.      Cover letter stating the student’s educational, spiritual goals and any points of special interest that should be considered by the admission committee.

3.      Comprehensive secular and religious resume that includes education, employment, secular and religious seminars attended, church work experience, special training, etc.

4.      Completed Life Experience and Advanced Standing forms if applicable.

5.      At the time of application, unofficial copies of transcripts from previous learning institutes can be submitted, however, before graduation, original official transcripts will be required to be sent directly to MOCAI & MOTS.  It is best to request those from the relevant institutions at the time applications package is being assembled.

6.      Copies of degrees, awards, certificates.

7.      Three (3) References

8.      $70/$75 non-refundable Application Fee.

9.      $100.00 non-refundable Evaluation Fee.

10.  2” x 2” snapshot.

Upon receipt of the application material, MOCAI & MOTS will consult with the applicant to create a custom-designed degree program and placement in the highest program for which the student is qualified.  MOCAI & MOTS will provide the student with an evaluation letter outlining his/her program of study for the major he/she has chosen.  In addition, a program activation letter will be provided for the student to begin their studies.